because feis-ion is our passion.

So lost as to what my future in dance holds. I don’t know if I want to keep competing. I dont even know if I still love this sport.


I can’t imagine dancing, but I can’t imagine not dancing.

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I wish people at school understood irish dance.

*coming back from a major* “Oh did you win?”

but sometimes this works out in my favor for example when i come back from a regular feis and say that i got 10th, my friends think that is amazing. little did they know there were only 11 dancers in the competition


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bythelightofradium asked:

The anon you got is a giant coward, for starters. Insulting someone behind a grey face? Grow up. Second of all, you are a dancer and that is amazing. Regardless of competition or other external accolades, you have done something amazing just by dancing and no one should try to tarnish that.

feisionable answered:

That is very sweet, thank you for the kind words!

And thank you to everyone else for their kind words as well ^^

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Anonymous asked:

i bet you suck at dancing and that's why you don't post any videos on here

feisionable answered:

i do not know what to say (because you are right but also rude)

so here is a picture of a tiny elephant. have a good day.

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i just want a boyfriend to go to a feis with me and tell me i’m a good dancer when i’m nervous and give me hugs and laugh about wigs before turning serious and telling me i look beautiful in mine

and when a feis is cold and it inevitably runs late he takes advantage of the situation and cuddles with me to “prevent me from cooling down”


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Anonymous asked:

Ok what color do you think my dress should be lol? I have light brown hair and blue eyes and pale/light skin

feisionable answered:

You could go with a lot of colors! If you don’t wear a bun wig I would recommend you go with a brighter color since a black dress plus a dark wig can be a little too dark on stage.

But jewel tones and bright colors should all look excellent on you, as should both gold and silver - maybe look at cool colors like blue or purple since there are so many pink and red dresses right now?

Hope this helps!

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celticclassirishdance asked:

How long have you been running your blog? I'm sort of doing the same thing but I just got started. I love looking through your posts!

feisionable answered:

Awh thank you! I started almost 2 years ago technically but took a 8 month hiatus so in reality I’ve been running it actively for about 15 months I guess?

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Anonymous asked:

do you have a pair of award shoes?

feisionable answered:

no, imo a nice, plain black shoes without any buckles  looks very neat and classy. 

I either sell my old shoes or keep them for kids who are just starting to dance but don’t have the money for a pair of hardshoes themselves. and I love that they’re being used rather than gathering dust save for a few times a year :) 

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idk sometimes i just want to sell my dress and just wear a plain black leotard dress thing and leave my hair down and wear tights and channel my inner jean butler and not give a hey bc wigs hurt and dresses are so much money

but other times i want two gavins and maybe a celtic star for special occasions

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Is there a Nan’s tag ?
Also is there a tumblr savior for iPhone?

For reasons I would rather not discuss here I really don’t want to know what happens at nationals this year.

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